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The leading corporate bank in the country, offers a unique card product-merchant card to support the business people.

Merchant Card is beneficial for both parties involved in the business process: retailers dealing with the sale of goods currently receive goods from major distributors who deliver goods. Payment of the goods received by the entrepreneur is carried out by cash or bank transfer. PASHA Bank creates a unique network for its merchant cardholders, enabling expansion of commercial relations between the parties.

One of the most important advantages of the merchant card with the PASHA POS terminal is the ability to send 18% VAT automatically, and send it automatically to the account of a taxpayer on behalf of the Entrepreneur. Acceptance of non-cash payments is carried out by forwarders equipped with POS terminal.

For an entrepreneur, this card is provided with an automated payment opportunity, which creates the basis for their cashless, flexible and operative settlement.

According to PASHA Bank’s Chief Commercial Officer, Melih Mengu, the Bank’s business needs as a key criterion when preparing its products and services: “We are confident that our merchant card will provide our customers with a wide range of possibilities and will support them in their competitive advantage.” .

The main advantages of using a Merchant Card

The main advantages of using a Merchant Card

For Entrepreneurs:

• Transition from cash payments to non-cash payments as soon as possible
• Facilitating accountability
• Ability to benefit from credit card line
• Identifying different limits on each Distributor

For Distributor Companies


• Transition of cash circulation to cashless form
• Effective management of the company’s money circulation
• Payments via Mobile POS terminal
• Reduction of cash flows
• Transfer of funds to the account on the same day
• The lack of need for an incision service
• Facilitating accountability
• Identify individual credit limits for entrepreneurs

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